2018 Mazda CX-8 Preview

The SUV segment is currently one of the most popular segments in the automotive world. As we know, Japanese car manufacturer Mazda is very good when it comes to SUVs, and they have plenty of excellent vehicles. One of the best is certainly Mazda CX-9 that is offered in Japan. It is one of the biggest models, and with the 199.4 inches length, this three-row SUV is even bigger than for example Pilot model from Honda. In the United States, the bigger is better, but for example in Europe, but also throughout the world, that is not the case. Because of that, Mazda will introduce the brand new 2018 Mazda CX-8 model. The new CX-8 model will be offered especially for the Japan market at this point, but we assume that a little bit later, we can expect it in the Europe and Australia as well. At this moment, there are no so many official pieces of information, but what we know for certain is that the newly CX-8 will be a little bit smaller compared to the CX-9 model. However, we can say that the newly CX-8 will be the CX-9 version for the Japan.

Photo credit: Mazda
2018 Mazda CX-8


2018 Mazda CX-8 Redesign, Exterior

As we already mentioned, Mazda didn’t release so many information about this vehicle, until now. However, there are some photos which show how the exterior design looks like, and most of it suggests that the appearance of this model will be very similar to the CX-9 model designed for the United States. So, when it comes to external appearance, we can anticipate so much similar or even the same features as in the mentioned CX-9 model. Of course, this model is in general smaller compared to the CX-9, and because of that, every part will be smaller as well. For example, the front fascia will, according to those rumors, look exactly the same as in the older and bigger CX-9 model.

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Photo credit: Mazda

However, the grille at the front side will be a little bit smaller, just like the headlights, bumper and the fog lights. We can expect the same design language as in all Mazda vehicles. According to Company, this model will have a length of 192.91-inches, a width of 72.4-inches as well as a height of 68.1-inches. They also say that we can expect generous wheelbase of 115 inches. Still, that means that this model will be around six inches shorter compared to the older CX-9 model. Also, it will be around four or five inches thinner as well as one inch lower. So, as we say, we can expect already well known KODO-Soul design cues. Some other rumors suggest that we can expect a smooth hood, as well as a smoothed out body.

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Mazda CX-8 2018 Interior

Speaking of interior design, Mazda has revealed the interior photos, but it is short on data. However, if you look at the interior design of the CX-9 model, and then you look at the interior photo which Mazda claims that is CX-8 model, you actually can’t find the difference. So, the interior design of the approaching CX-8 model is almost identical to the interior design of CX-9 model, except or space. The CX-9 model is definitely bigger, but that doesn’t mean that the cabin of CX-8 model is small. Actually, the cabin is very spacious thanks to the great wheelbase, and all the passengers will enjoy a high dose of comfort.

Photo credit: Mazda

2018 Mazda CX-8 interior

Cargo space is 239 liters, and it can go big with back seats underneath, to 572 liters and more than the 3-meter length of space. Seating capacity will be 6 o 7 places 9 (you choose). If we look at the picture, we can see the same seating design with the same upholstery. Also, the center console is simply borrowed from the older model. One notable difference between this interior and interior of the CX-9 model are different door trim panels. The ones in the new CX-8 model have smaller aluminum inserts as well as a bigger armrest.

Photo credit: Mazda


When it comes to powertrain department, the recently developed 2018 CX-8 will be powered by the same engine, The word is about the inline-4 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine that is capable of generating up to 250 horsepower. It should go from 0-60 mph for about 7 sec, with the max speed of 130 mph. However, Company says that we can expect more powertrains. The new engine will be a SKYACTIV-D clean diesel 2.2-liter variant with 188 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Combined fuel consumption should be around 6.3 l/100 km or 37 mpg. The fuel tank will be 65-liter or 17 gal. The transmission system of the new Mazda CX-8 2018 will be six-speed automatic.


When it comes to prices, this model will have a starting price of around 37,550. We can expect it in the Japan markets by the end of this year.

2018 Mazda CX-8 photos

Photo credit: Mazda

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