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2020 Lexus RC F Review

The much talked about Lexus RC F should most probably be seen on the roads during early 2020. Any new addition of cars to the inventory of Lexus will most certainly be looked with interest and excitement. Therefore it is quite obvious that the launch of the 2020 Lexus RC F is being keenly watched. Though, there is not much information about the exact features, specifications and other details about this release. However, based on inputs from various sources there are quite a few things that come to the mind. To begin with, this makes from Lexus should be in competition with Cadillac ATS-V, BMW M4, and Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe. Let us now spend some time getting to know more about the various possible features that this might have when it comes in the market.

2020 Lexus RC F


2020 Lexus RC F Exterior And Designs

There could be quite a few things exciting as far as the RC F is concerned. Experts believe that it will have a new-look and quite a bit of attention will be paid to its overall attitude. It could have crisper lines, pinched grille, and the headlights could look a bit more dramatic and could be stacked. As far as the rear is concerned, the taillights could have a new look and the bumper could have a more chiseled look.

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The body will most probably be made from carbon fiber. While this could significantly reduce the weight, care will most probably be taken to ensure that it is sturdy and tough. The lightweight, because of carbon fiber makes handling easier and reduces drag quite a bit. It also will most probably come with 19 inch forged alloy wheels. Because of a generous usage of carbon fiber, the overall weight of the car could come down by around 176 pounds when compared to the previous RC F versions.


Lexus RC F 2020 Interior

Talking about the interior, in the absence of reliable information, at best we can hazard an intelligent guess. Going by the previous launches of Lexus, the RC F 2020 version should carry forward from the previous version of the cabin. The multimedia system could be the same and customers would have been happier if it was changed for something more modern and better. However, it is hoped that the red leather seats and other surfaces will certainly stand out. This will get further accentuated by the red carbon trim on the dashboard and the doors.

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2020 Lexus RC F rear

Engine And Under The Hood

The 2020 version of Lexus RC F would most probably have the same 5.0-liter V-8 engine with eight-speed transmission. However, the engine could be more powerful and could generate up to 472 horsepower and around a torque of 395 pounds-feet. The throttle and traction will most probably be controlled by an electronic launch system. The car should be able to reach a speed of 60 mph from zero in just 4.2 seconds. However, in fine, there are many who believe that it could reach 60 mph from zero in just 3.96 seconds because of the effort in reducing the overall weight of the car.

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Launch Date

Though the exact launch date is still not very clear it is expected that it will hit the roads sometime during the latter part of 2019 but it will still be referred to as a 2020 launch. The price is still a secret and under wraps but the base version should be around $64,500 and it could go up to $81,000.

2020 Lexus RC F photos

2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special

Ford had presented its first California special Mustang GT back in 1968. Now this year on California special’s 50th anniversary, its again bringing the 2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special with modern cues and twists. It will be available in both fastback and convertible trims.


2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special Exterior

The exterior look of the new 2019 Mustang GT California Special in first glance looks majestic. Its outer body is full of crease and cues. When you look at the front, you will find out the open grille in black color along with Performance pack splitter 1. It also has custom tail lamps and fog lamps. The fading stripes which are California Special trademarks are emerging from the scoop of the rear fender and ending at the side badges, adding more value to its charisma.

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Whereas the trunk lid carries California special’s red and black script badge. Just like its iconic look, the exterior paint colors offered by Ford are also iconic, which include Dark Highland Green, Velocity Blue and Need for green. It will be running on painted five spoke machined wheels.


2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special

Ford Mustang GT California Special 2019 Interior

To complement its exterior, the interior of the 2019 Mustang GT California Special also features lavish cabin with quality material. The high-quality Miko suede-trimmed seats are upholstered with contrast red stitching. Whereas the GT/CS embossed motives on the seats give it a more royal look. Moreover, the side dash and floor mats also have GT badging and exclusively designed embroidered GT/CS insignia respectively.
Another top-notch feature is the presence of Bang and Olufsen Play Audio System along with 12 speakers and a ten-channel amplifier. It will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Ford’s SYNC 3 system.

2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special Interior

Safety features:

– Lane departure technology
– Anti-lock brakes
– Pre-collision assist
– Pedestrian detection
– Distance alert
– Lane maintenance assist
– Rear view camera

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The new Ford Mustang GT California Special will get a 5.0-liter V8 engine. The naturally aspirated engine is able to generate an output of 460 horsepower and a torque of 420 pounds-feet. To make a massive change in performance Ford has paired up the engine with rev-matching techno logy. This tech feature will aids in gears transmissions by leveling out the shifts. It will come with six-speed manual transmission. Along with that, it will also feature the quiet start mode as well as active exhaust mode as a part of the active valve performance exhaust system. The exhaust system can be managed through ‘My Mode’ settings appearing on the screen. Buyers are also expecting that the new GT California Special with such improvements will also deliver some improved fuel efficiency.

Price and Release date

The new Mustang GT California Special will go on sale this summer and the price will be revealed close to the releasing date.

2019 Ford Mustang GT California Special photos

2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT) pickup spied

The future vehicle 2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT) pickup of the Wrangler Umbrella has been on the mention for quite some time. These speculations are almost coming to an end as the release date of the great latest Jeep is the on the doorstep. The new release will make drivers to perhaps have the broadest smile in the century due to its modernized features.

2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT)


2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT) Exterior

The name has been Jeep Wrangler but its now changing to Scrambler. The outer frame is covered with steal together with aluminum and plastic panels to reduce its weight compared to the current Wrangler.

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It is a mid-size pickup and also enabled for off-road driving experiences. Just like the current Wrangler, it is a four wheel drive with the tallest 33-inch tires. For the different models that will be available, one will enjoy a ground clearance of 10.8, the sports lovers 9.7 and the Sahara 10.0.

For clear visibility when driving, the placement of the rear lights seems to be bulging from the outer grille slats. You cannot doubt the performance of the 2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT) pickup since it provides an automatic transmission with 44.20:1 reduction ration. It has a pickup frame 3 feet more than of Wrangler Unlimited(205 inches vs. 172 inches.). Towing capacity should be around 6,500 pounds, close to 3,000 kg.


The model has an engine of a size of the new turbocharged 2.0 liters with torque assistance. The capability to produce 285 horsepower and churn out 260 lb-ft of torque in the 2018 JL application makes this a model of choice the moment it is in the market for sale. Presence of the standard six-speed transmission enables top driving functionality.
The truck will come with the Pentastar V6 gasoline 3.6-liter engine (naturally aspirated), joining the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 turbocharged together with a 6-speed manual and an and eight-speed automatic


Jeep Scrambler (JT) 2019 Interior design

The interior setting of this car comes with the improved and updated dashboard, instrumentation, infotainment system and 5 seats. The panel will have supporting buttons that can be wired and programmed to control the aftermarket equipment. The dash-infotainment will have the version of Chrysler’s 8.4 Uconnect system. More so, it comes with a six-way manually adjustable lumber which is standard together with a telescoping steering wheel.

Price and Release date

Information from CEO Fiat Chrysler of Sergio Marchionne and Jeep CEO, Mike Manly is that the expected release date is late 2017. However, new information has it that the pickup will be released in the second quarter of 2018.
It is estimated the purchase price is going to be as from $31,000 which is a relatively competitive price compared to other models like the Chevrolet.

Since it is the first Jeep pickup under the Wrangler umbrella, it is expected to be used by car racers, adventurous drivers, and other luxury lover drivers. The 2019 Jeep Scrambler(JT) pickup will be a dream come true regarding luxury, comfort, speed and high performance-one of its kind at the time.

2019 Jeep Scrambler (JT) photos

2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo

Automakers never cease to amaze; just when you thought you had seen it all, they come up with even more wild innovations. This is particularly true for the master of track racing, Ferrari. The current Ferrari FXX-K is one extreme car and it is difficult to figure it getting more extreme but trust Ferrari to find ways of making it even better. The automaker has revealed a more hardcore iteration of the track brute dubbed 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo (Evoluzione). Ferrari has developed an evolution package for the model which makes it even more extreme.  The package will be available to current FXX K models but will also be incorporated into the new FXX-K models that will be developed in limited numbers. The new models will go by the FXX-K Evo designation. Ferrari unveiled the model at this year’s Finali Mondiali held at the Mugello circuit in native Italy. The Finali Mondiali is a Ferrari event that marks the end of the track-racing season.


2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo

Super expensive track-racer you cannot drive in a real race

The FXX-K is based on the LaFerrari supercar but unlike the LaFerrari, the FXX-K cannot compete in actual races. Ferrari produces XX models as prototypes; design studies of future automotive engineering. Buyers of the model are treated as “supercar enthusiasts” who are willing to take part in the innovative engineering projects by offering their experiences derived from driving the development mules. Due to this, Ferrari designs the FXX-K without any limitations as the automaker does not have to conform to any regulations. Ferrari, however, compensates the lack of competitive races by arranging its own racing events. In 2018 alone, Ferrari has planned nine racetrack events for FXX-K and FXX-K Evo owners.

What does the Evo package offer?

The Evo package is an embodiment of the knowledge Ferrari has derived from its various racing programs including Formula 1, GTE, GT3 and Challenge one-make series. The 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo features most of the exterior and interior design cues of the current FXX-K.

Designers of the new Evo package focused on improving aerodynamics and curb weight. Despite the extra aero elements added, engineers managed to reduce the model’s weight making it lighter than the FXX-K; Ferrari has however not released details about the actual weight loss but disclosed that weight distribution is biased towards the rear with a 41/59 front-to-rear split.

In terms of aerodynamics, the package has enhanced the model’s downforce to a level close to that of a GT3 racer; it has a rating of 1,410 lbs of downforce at a speed of 124 mph and can reach a high of 1,830 lbs when the model is running at its maximum speed. The enhanced downforce is courtesy of a twin-profile fixed rear wing. The wing works in harmony with the active rear spoiler that is already mounted on the FXX-K. There is also a new central fin offered as part of the Evo package. The front bumper has also been tweaked to support the increased downforce. The underbody too has also been revised to adapt to the improved aero features. Suspension (front double wishbones and rear multi-link units) has also been recalibrated.


There are also new air intakes for the front brakes; the units are narrower but more efficient due to a better design of the intakes themselves. The brakes are carbon-ceramic units sourced from Brembo; the front discs of the units span 15.6 inches. The package also adds Pirelli P Zero rubber (285/650R19 in front and 345/725R20 at the rear).

At the current output of 1,035 hp, Ferrari did not see any need to improve the model’s power. Therefore the drive-train carries over from the FXX-K unchanged. The model is powered by a V-12-based hybrid drive-train. The drive-train also uses the same 7-speed dual-clutch transmission system as the FXX-K.

The cabin features few changes; among the new changes is a new steering wheel with new driving mode selector that enables the driver to exercise greater control of the hybrid power-train. The cabin also features a larger rear-view display. This screen also displays data from the model’s new telemetry system in a clearer manner.

How much does 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo cost?

Ferrari does not usually disclose how much buyers pay for these types of cars but rumor has it that owners of the FXX-K paid over $3 million. This is quite a considerable price to pay for a car that one doesn’t even take home as Ferrari retains them for maintenance and storage only releasing them to buyers during racing events. The Evo will definitely be more expensive. Despite this, all 40 FXX-K models produced were sold out. Ferrari has not also said how many units will be produced for the FXX-K Evo but I believe the number won’t exceed 40 (both new cars plus upgrade packages).

2019 Corvette ZR1

Updated: 13th November 2017.

This seventh generation Chevrolet was initially unveiled in the year 2013 however, it only came out on sale in the year 2014. It was basically a substitute for the almost ten decades old C6 and effectively transformed the way people view the Corvette mainly due to the innovative upgrades that accompanied it, the car also came with major improvements in its interior that phased out the usage of plastics. Also, the car cabin was changed into premium mode hence silencing decades of criticisms.

Expectations for a range-topping ZR1 had been on the high for a while, however, the seventh generation Vette got into its 3rd model year without one. Rumors had been rife about a succession of the most powerful version of the C6 since the arrival of the C7 in various car dealerships, although the years rolled by and there was no concrete news in that regard. As a matter of fact, GM came out at a point to deny the possibility of a ZR1; it was at this time that the Zora came on board thus distracting the attention of every automobile enthusiast.

However, the year 2016 witnessed General Motors filling out a trademark with the nomenclature “ZR1”.spy shots also went further to validate the coming of the car. The 2019 Corvette ZR1 coupe is been muted to arrive for the 2019 model, what this means is that it could be officially unveiled in the late parts of 2017.

2019 Corvette ZR1 Exterior

The new Corvette ZR1 2019 is expected to arrive with a lot of innovations as far as its features are concerned when compared with the Z06. First, among the list of innovative features that accompany this car is the larger car vent that comes with it, they are quite visible at the front of the car. These kinds of Vents with such size are usually very useful in serving the inter-cooling systems; what this may mean is that there is every possibility that there is a V8 engine in the beauty. Along with the vent is a large splitter below. In addition to this, it comes with a larger hood budge when compared with the Z06’s; this probably indicates that there might be an added gear under it.

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Furthermore, it is being speculated that there is a very large wing on top of the deck lid, a new feature not yet seen in the Corvette’s in production. The lone C7 Vette that came with a back wing was the C7.R, but the standard model and also the Z06 have spoilers. Although the previous ZR1 didn’t have any wings, the previous Z06 came with a quite smaller spoiler; this innovation is a sure sign of progress. Snapshots from professional photographers show two identical cars except for the fact that they make use of different wings, the first of them makes use of a smaller wing that is quite higher when compared with the spoiler of the Z06, the second variety on the other hand, makes use of a large element that must have been copied from GT3 spec racing.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 side

As confusing as this may seem, it has been suggested that Chevrolet intends offering it in two distinct packages. Such a move would certainly make a whole world of sense owing to the fact that Chevrolet lovers would be able to make a choice between an affordable and road-friendly version and also a rather highly priced and track-pepped choice. In conclusion, the trial car is seen to have blue brake calipers, these are a common feature with the ZR1, and this could end up becoming the meanest Corvette ever made.

C7 Corvette ZR1 2019 Interior

Although there is still no official statement regarding the interior of the 2019 C7 Corvette ZR1, however, it is most likely that there won’t be radical changes in this segment, in spite of this; the cabin should borrow significant features from the C7 in addition to some special features. It is expected that most of the changes will be gotten from the Z06 and improved by using brand new upholstery options, and it will also come with a ZR1 badge. It also promises an upgraded information and entertainment segment that boasts of some relevant options alongside a customized instrument section. Certainly, this features, as well as its cozy interior features make this car a one of a kind.

2019 Corvette ZR1 interior


It is expected that the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 would get its power from a double turbo 6.2-litre V8 Supercharged engine, this power plant is to be called LT5 DOHC V8 and should also be used in the soon to be released Corvette Zora. General Motors have however not come out to either refute or accept such a scenario playing out, however despite the fact that a twin-engine V8 engine might not be a traditional feature for a Vette, it would certainly be suitable for a ZR1. The usage of this type of engine would certainly help conserve fuel while also optimizing power output in a high-performance car.

2019 Corvette ZR1

Although there are no specific numbers as regards its output currently, one can easily infer from the output of the Corvette Z06 which pumps out about 650 horsepower that the ZR1 should be able to able to churn out figures greater than that. It won’t be expecting too much to speculate 755 horsepower (confirmed) and 715 lb-ft of torque owing to the fact that the previous one churned out 638 horsepower. The implication of such power rating is that the 2018 Corvette ZR1 could hit acceleration of about 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds without stress; high speeds of up to 210 mph may also be achieved. This figure is just a little more than that of the predecessor.


Price and Release date

Owing to the fact that it is going to be the quickest of the C7 generation, the 2019 Corvette ZR1 should also be expected to be the most expensive, even though it may cost a lot more than the Z06 that sells for about 79,000 dollars, it should still be considered a good deal considering the fact that other cars that offer quality should cost a lot more. Hence a projected price of about 120,000 dollars may be possible. The car is expected to be out in the fall and should be on sale early 2019.

2019 Corvette ZR1 Photos


2018 Corvette ZR1 spy shots