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Is Sugar Unhealthy?

Most of us are addicted to sweet items since our childhood and this addiction grows with time. Getting natural sugar from fruits and vegetables is good for us; however, this should also be taken in moderation. But do you know how much the added sugar is dangerous for our health? We all love to eat donuts, sugary items as well as carbonated drinks, which are all full of artificial/added sugar and high calories. These calories are not good for us, even they can create serious health issues apart from diabetes.

As compared to a few years back, people are more at stake of getting diabetes nowadays due to our unhealthy eating habits. According to a research on an average, the annual consumption of sugar by an American is 115 pounds. Isn’t it alarming? To stay on the safe side it is necessary to eliminate added sugar from our daily life.


Diseases caused by sugar (refined sugar)

Nowadays, a normal person eats more sugar per day as his body can handle and stay on high side can cause some serious ailments to your body.

• Tooth Decay
Food and beverages with the high amount of sugar can lead towards tooth decay. When we eat or drink any food item, the bacteria in our mouth utilize it to produce an acid which is harmful to our teeth. The acid affects the layer of enamel and destroys our teeth.

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• Obesity

When our body gets sugar, either it utilizes it in the form of energy or it stores it as a fat in fat cells. Studies show that more than seventy person adults and 20 percent children are suffering from obesity nowadays. One of the major causes behind this is high consumption of refined sugar products. Our sedentary lifestyle works as a catalyst to boost this issue.


• Diabetes

When we consume extra sugar, it is detected by the pancreas and it then releases ‘Insulin’ hormone to manage the high sugar level and stores it as glycogen. However, when sugar level is consistently high, pancreas keep releasing insulin, making the sugar level low and sending the body into sugar crash mode, wanting to eat more sugar. With every consumption, the level rises and the cycle continues. Similarly, when there is a lot of glucose in our blood, insulin stops working and the cell becomes resistant. Both the conditions can lead to type II diabetes.

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• Liver Disease

When sugar breaks down into glucose and fructose, its fructose part is stored in the liver as the fat cell. Furthermore, it slowing down your metabolism and creating a disease called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

• Hearth Problem

Sugar can also be the main culprit behind your cardiovascular disease. Triglycerides can be raised due to high fructose level creating metabolic disorder and raising the oxidized LDL cholesterol.


Tips to reduce Sugar consumption, recommended sugar intake

No one can cut off sugar entirely at first, however, they should follow some tips to minimize or eliminate its consumption.
• Whenever you have the craving to eat something sweet, always go for natural sugar food rather than added sugar items. Such as preferring having date balls instead of brownies or prefer some fruits over cake or other bakery items.
• Avoid buying foods that have processed sugar in them, when you don’t have them at home, you won’t opt that too.
• Don’t force yourself to change, instead, make it your lifestyle and change your eating habits gradually.
• If it is difficult for you to quit sugar than start eating in portion, portion control is also a good way to reduce refined sugar consumption.

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For the adult person, sugar dose should be around 20 grams, and upper limit should be 35-36 grams, of course, all depends on the health of the body, weight, size…
At the end being consistent is the key to success. Don’t regret yourself if you have eaten your favorite dessert or any sugary item. Take a fresh start and again focus on your goal.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Avocado

People are getting more health conscious day by day and they want to eat food that is high in nutritional value. So, if you are one of them, Avocado is for you. Avocado is a fruit basically from South and Central America and needs the warm climate to grow. They are pear-shaped and their color varies from green to black. The Avocado is packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins and thus it is exported worldwide due to its countless benefits. Let’s have a look at the advantages people get when they eat Avocado.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Avocado


Advantages of Eating Avocado

• The healthy dose of Vitamins and Minerals
Avocados have bundles of vitamins and tons of minerals and proved to be very alimentary in maintaining the healthy body. It contains around twenty vitamins. A single medium-sized avocado (100 gm) contains 13% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin B5 & B6, 26% RDA of Vitamin K, 17% RDA of Vitamin C, 10% RDA of vitamin E and 20% of Folate. It also has traces of Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3. Apart from vitamins Avocado also contains minerals like Copper, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, and Manganese.

• As a substitute for saturated fat food
Avocados have low saturated fat as they do not hold sodium or cholesterol, people in my country have the phrase, “avocado is healthy fat” Instead, they contain mono and polyunsaturated fats. So those people who want to eat healthy food which is low in saturated fat, Avocado can be the first choice for them. For example how to eat avocado for breakfast? Cat avocado on two peace, take the pit out, put the egg in each half, salt it, and then roast it for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much you want for eggs to be raw.

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• Great source of Fiber
Avocados are high in fiber. Eating 100 gm of Avocado can provide you 27% of the RDA of fiber. It holds 7 gm of fiber in which 75% is insoluble fiber and the rest is soluble. Eating food high in fiber helps reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar level, weight loss and protects from other harmful diseases. How to eat avocado for weight loss? The best way is to eat it raw, when becoming soft, without salt if you can.

• Reduces blood pressure and restores heart health
Avocados are the high source of Potassium, even more than bananas as a 100 gm fruit contains 14% of RDA of Potassium. Potassium is very good in maintaining human cells’ electrical gradients and keeping the blood pressure in perfect condition, thus securing the main risk of kidney issues and heart attacks. Avocado also contains Oleic acid which is proved to reduce inflammation and heartburn.

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• Acts as an anti-aging agent
Avocado can be eaten to keep away anti-aging signs. As it is a great source of different vitamins, these vitamins help you fight against aging while providing required nutrition to your skin. The oil in avocado not only moisturizes and rejuvenates skin, it is also perfect for cutting down wrinkles. Avocado is used in different beauty products and can be used in facial masks to get the glowing and healthy skin.

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Disadvantages of Avocado

However everything comes with a drawback, there are certain limitations to follow while eating Avocado, otherwise, it won’t remain beneficial for you. Following are the disadvantages of Avocado.


• Risk of getting extra fat
Avocado is a high caloric fruit. An average avocado contains 227 calories and 50 gram of fat. Although it is low saturated fat if you eat too much of Avocado, you might end up gaining some extra fat around your body. So, eating in the portion is the key to avoiding this magical fruit’s drawback.

• Allergic reaction
If you are allergic to latex then it is advisable not to take avocado. Avocado can cause serious allergy to those who have allergies associated with latex, tomato, kiwi or bananas as it increases the serum IgE antibodies level.

• Stomach Upset
As mentioned earlier, balanced eating is the key. So, avoid taking avocado in the large amount as it can lead to gastrointestinal irritation and you will suffer from stomach pain or ailments.