Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

A quick peek at the lengthy feature list should tell you that Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can do pretty much everything with social media and WordPress.

If you just want basic share buttons, that might be overkill. But if you want all the bells and whistles, you won’t find many social media plugins that go this deep.

That depth of functionality is why it has over 29,000 sales at CodeCanyon and has maintained a 4.67-star rating on over 1286 reviews.

Button Placement Options

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress lets you pick from 27 different default display positions, including:

  • Above/below content (or both)
  • Floating icons, either above, below, or on either side
  • Top or bottom bar
  • Post share bar
  • On media (like images)
  • As a popup
  • Lots more